About Us

Contact us:  52WeeksOfNature@gmail.com

The Mission:

52 Weeks of Nature is our family’s commitment to living an outdoor life every week of the year. As a two parent working household, our work week is filled with commitments external to what really makes us feel alive – the outdoors. We are on a mission to revolutionize the way we spend our free time. So, we have turned off the TV, silenced our phones, and grabbed our camera, and hiking boots to rediscover nature. Join us on our weekend adventures were we will be learning new seasonal sports, hiking new trails, biking, climbing, falling and getting up to do it all over again.ry=400

Who we are:

We are Joe and Kaitlin; parents of two boys – AJ and MJ, owners of full-time careers, and CEO’s of our household (i.e.,  doing endless loads of laundry, dishes, and paying bills like money grows on trees). We first became parents 4 years ago, and as you can imagine our new addition changed our lives! Joe and I got AJ out on the trails as soon as I was cleared to hike. We didn’t go fast and we didn’t go far, but none of that mattered. The simple act of getting outside was all that was needed. Soon MJ came along and it got a little harder to get out, and it felt like the simplest option was to stay home. If you have ever had two toddlers at home then you know that they are in absolute need of activity, and interaction. It wasn’t long before we felt like our purpose in life was to entertain our kids. After too many weekends of lazy parenting (i.e., staying home and going crazy), we realized that we wanted to parent, and experience life differently. We wanted to interact with our kids more, and away from all the distractions. We wanted them to fall in love with the outdoors the way we did, or at least burn off some energy, which in turn might create space for my husband and me to have adult conversations.

ABOUT AJ: He is our social butterfly of a chatter box. AJ is totally engaged in whatever he is doing. He has endless energy and is a wonderful big brother to baby MJ.

ABOUT MJ: He is our physical specimen. There isn’t much that gets by him without first going to his mouth. He watches his big brother with total curiosity and will be walking any day now.