Week 52: A new begining

Well, it’s finally here. That 52nd blog of our first year of 52 Weeks of Nature. It’s been written since 2016, but with the craziness of the holidays the start of a new year we’ve been busy just living life. This blog will continue into year two and I’ll write that update soon. But first…


We celebrated the end of our 52 Weeks of Nature challenge in November. As mentioned, the delay in publishing this post wasp partly due to politics, the holidays, getting back into our routine after the holidays and the fact that I wrote two guest posts for other blogs about our adventures which you can find here and here.

I am back now to let you know that we successfully completed year one of 52 Weeks of Nature! We celebrated the 1 year anniversary while visiting family in the Bay Area of CA. There was nothing amazing about the 52nd hike or the 52nd weekend spent outside. In hindsight, I realized that I didn’t want to celebrate the end of anything. With this challenge, our family has grown accustomed to a way of life. I saw the end of year one as the beginning of year two.


So what do we want out of year 2? Well, part of the joy of getting outside every weekend is the spontaneity of it. We developed some themes for each month to keep things fresh, but we remain flexible about how to spend our time outdoors. The work and school week are so structured. Therefore, the weekends are prime time to be footloose and fancy-free; to get outdoors as we chose.

The monthly themes that we are excited about are Sledding and Hot Chocolate and Snowshoeing and Cider. To accompany the sledding theme I made homemade hot chocolate after each outing. The kids love my hot chocolate and so do I. In February we wanted to do more snowshoeing, but actually ended up hiking a lot. To go along with that I continued to make homemade hot chocolate. I can’t get away from that stuff.  In the winter there is nothing quite like a hot beverage to enjoy after a day spent in the snow.

Please enjoy our year in review and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy our families outdoor pursuits via this blog and our Instagram and Twitter accounts both of which are @52WeeksOfNature.







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