Week 50: Active November

img_0182Oh my! I can’t believe I just wrote Week 50 in the title. What an adventure this past year has been for our family. We ramped things up this week because we also joined two other challenges: (1) Hike it Baby 30 challenge and (2) the #OneHourOutside challenge. Both of these challenges call for an active November. I think November is the perfect time to set the tone for your winter attitude towards the outdoors and these challenges are helping our family set our intentions for yet another active winter on the trails!


We hiked three times this weekend. We kicked things off with a Friday “after work” stroll at Davidson Mesa which overlooks Boulder and the Flatirons. It was stunning, to say the least. On Saturday we explored Boulder some more with a hike at Wonderland Lake. While the views were breathtaking I missed the pines. So, I struck a deal with Joe and the kids to go for an additional hike on Sunday.

We opted for White Ranch Open Space. It’s been a couple of years since we have hiked the west side of the park. It did not disappoint. We covered 4.5 miles over 3 hours and spent most of that time amongst the pine trees – my favorite. Mission accomplished! I have a thing for pine trees and it has almost become a requirement to spend time amongst the pines every weekend.






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