Week 49: It’s going to be great!

49-10What do you do when you have hiked all the trails in your county? You explore a new county. This month we will be exploring Boulder Country trails. And we will also be joining two global challenges to get through the month of November as healthfully and happily as possible. The challenges are #OneHourOutside and #HikeItBaby30. It’s going to be great!  What this means is that we will be adding two more hikes per week to our hiking agenda for the next 30 days. We will be going from one hike a week to three! The cooling weather (finally) and the shorter days are no match for our desire to get outside. This means we will be occasionally hiking in the dark. Fun!


Where did this motivation come from? A couple of places…while hiking this weekend, with the kids, and Joe, I was reminded how easy it is to quit life and just accept circumstances that don’t favor our internal happiness (i.e., you don’t like your job, your house is small or too big or the layout just doesn’t work, your kids are going through a tough phase, your feel fatigued, you have no time for your marriage or friends, you feel fat. The list goes on). There are a couple of ways around the unhappiness/unsatisfied trap that don’t involve quitting and are best when practiced together. Those things are: change your thinking and get outside.

Hiking always takes me to a supernatural place where my circumstances lose their power over my happiness. I become the engaged mom who is focused on her kids and excited to share my love of the outdoors with them. I get butterfly’s in my stomach just thinking about all of the outdoor adventures in our future! Sharing the outdoors with my husband and kids is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s like my body can’t help but receive the joy of Mother Nature as I trek side by side with my family.



On this particular hike, AJ was running from imaginary snakes and bringing me along for the ride. He would shout out “run mama, the snakes are coming!” So, I’d run with him. MJ enjoyed some time on the trail as well. He would walk for a bit and then in protest (to not being held), he’d sit on the trail until his legs filled up with the energy necessary to take a few more steps. He eventually agreed to be put in the carrier which is how we slowly but surely made our way back to the trailhead.

When I’m hiking my thoughts are positive and I feel at peace with my circumstances. More times than not, I bring this newly refreshed perspective back to my circumstances and things don’t seem so bad. Because they’re not. It’s vital to disconnect sometimes to reconnect with the beautiful person that you are. Get rid of the noise (the chatter in your head, the chatter from your friends, social media, and the internet), and go be you. Because you are awesome!


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2 Responses to Week 49: It’s going to be great!

  1. Mrs. Mother Dirt says:

    🙂 I am doing the November HiB 30 challenge too! I am a BA for the Capital Region branch in NY. Happy hiking!


    • Kaitlin Luna says:

      I’m just now seeing this comment. Awesome! How did it go? I was surprised how active the challenge kept us (appreciative too).


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