Week 48: Cabin at the Cove

lm-cabinOutdoor living exists everywhere.  Even in places with a sparse population and little industry. Lake McConaughy is one such place. What brought us here? It seemed like a perfect new place for us to explore with our family and to meet up with Joe’s sister and her family of four. And it lies somewhat in the middle of Omaha and Denver.

We really enjoyed the expansive Lake Mac. We rented a two bedroom cottage that was walking distance to the lake. We cooked (well my in-laws didJ), drank good beer and caught up on each other’s lives. We spent the first morning figuring out how to relax on the lake as the kids played in the water and built sand castles. I was taken aback by how hard it was for me to do nothing. I love hiking because you are engaged in an activity. Sitting on the lake didn’t offer much in the way of physical motion. I mean we tossed the Frisbee, Joe and Jared went out on the canoe, I took a walk along the beach…but gosh, it was all just too stagnant. Later that same day we visited the dam (amazing!), took the kids to the park and walked along a trail.

Outdoor pursuit’s aside, we mostly enjoyed the company. It’s so great to connect with family and to give our kid’s opportunities to get to know their cousins. Observing AJ and MJ interact with their two girl cousins made my heart warm. It also made sitting on the lake and doing nothing a little more entertaining.



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