Week 41: All by myself

img_1189Call me crazy – this weekend I took my two little boys out for a hike all by myself. I had MJ on my back and AJ beside me. Joe went backpacking this weekend, that lucky dog, leaving me to muster up the motivation to tackle our 52WeeksOfNature challenge as a solo parent. It was empowering to say the least – to dig deep and get out there with my kids without backup.

The adventure started with the car ride as we were going somewhere new, and kind of far. Siri did not lead me astray and we got there without getting lost. Win! The hike itself was beautiful. We will definitely be returning soon. As we ventured toward the trail head a nice older women said to me “well you are certainly ambitious” to which I responded “it’s this or stay home and lose my mind.” The stranger recalled her early parenting days and agreed that outdoors is a better place for kids then inside. With a chuckle and a grin we parted ways not to cross paths again.


At the trailhead we came upon a map. AJ picked our route and we set off for our adventure. The trail was moderately traveled and we definitely happened upon portions of the trail were we were the sole hikers. It was nice to hike among others and alone with my kids all at the same time. MJ reminded me that he was there by playing with my hair and face. AJ had a great start and middle hike, but slowly unraveled toward the end.

We cut the hike short – at the abandoned ruins per AJ’s request. With the sun beating down on us and our lunch in the car I knew that AJ was right on about turning back. Sometimes three year olds no best. I really enjoyed getting outside with my kids. It was a confidence builder to pull off this experience on my own!




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1 Response to Week 41: All by myself

  1. hikeminded says:

    They look very happy 🙂


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