Week 40: Majestic View

img_1177AJ started preschool this week. We have been building up to his transition to a new school for a while. Now that the day has finally arrived I am filled with emotion…For him (is he going to be okay), for me (my baby is growing up), for MJ (will he by okay without brother at school). The anticipation of change is typically much harder to grapple with than the change itself.  And that was the case in this instance. I am happy to report that everyone did great with AJ’s transition to preschool; even me!

A lot of energy was spent in anticipation of this change, so this weekend we kept our obligations to a minimum. Our main commitment was to connecting as a family, through food, play, books, music and just spending unstructured time together in our comfy little home.

For our outdoor adventure we went to Majestic View Park so the kids could play on the playground and so we could also have a picnic in the grassy area, amongst the trees and mountain views. I cooked up a rice stir fry dish that turned out surprising well (I am not a cook, though I am aspiring to master a few recipes). We brought some toys for the kids, a Frisbee for us.


I say this a lot, but it was freeing to be outdoors, but this time without a set plan to accomplish something like a hike. This time we were outdoors to enjoy the views, fresh air and free play that the open fields of Majestic View Park offer.



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