Week 39: Picnics and S’mores

***Since we are so behind on our posts the next several updates will include mostly pictures. This will help us get caught up!***

52WeeksOfNature saw its peak this summer with a lot of hikes and picnics in the mountains. On this particular weekend we hit up the foothills for a family hike before heading up to Estes Park to meet up with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. We opted for a local hike that we have done a few times before. Along the way we were warned about the presence of a rattle snake. As much as I love hiking and the outdoors I don’t do well with wildlife, so I was in a state of high alert the rest of the way. It was exhausting!


I am realizing that I have many limitations when it comes to being outdoors and in nature. I often worry about predators (i.e. mountain lions) praying on my kids. I try not to let my imagination go to wild with these thoughts. I also don’t let my kids stray too far when we are on some of the less populated trails. In that past when my absolute fear of wildlife has sprung up like an aggressive weed I have yielded to its powers. With our 52WeeksOfNature project I am working through fear with each footprint that we leave in our wake. After all, life is about moving forward in body, mind and spirit. Paralysis by fear is a stunted life, and I don’t want to model that for my kids.



All that aside, we had a very nice hike after which we headed into the mountains for a picnic. Joe’s family has a spot in RMNP that we frequently picnic at. AJ and MJ ran around with their older cousins, ate delicious food made by their ingenious uncles and the best part – made s’mores over the fire with bumpa. In between eating, talking and running after our kids, a handful of us managed to take a little nature walk. RMNP is such a calming wonderland of mountains, aspen groves, pines, rivers and rocks.

See for yourself in the pictures below.




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