Week 38: Pictures tell the story


This weekend we went up to an awesome outdoor spot in Boulder to meet up with Joe’s cousins. They were in town from Seattle for Erica’s Iron Man event. We picnicked, the kids played on the playground and by the river. Joe and I had some opportunities to engage, but not many because this outdoor haven was very exciting for the kids. AJ and MJ were all over the place. The one time they were still was when we were eating. Even then they seemed too engaged by the nature that surrounded us to focus on eating. They were much more interested in playing.

Joe and I took turns monitoring the kids by the river and on the massive play structure. We dabbled in adult conversation here and there, but were mostly involved in our kid’s safety. Thus my preference for hiking. When we are hiking there is less concern for safety, and so we can let our kids truly explore (although I have developed a recent phobia of mountain lions).

As the result of spending most of my time trying to find a balance between two worlds (the adult world and the adult world with children world), I have little insight to share, so I’ll let the pictures tell the story.






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