Week 36: Back in the habit

DSCN1001Since moving to Colorado in 2010, we have camped all of zero times. This is in stark contrast to our time in Flagstaff, where we camped often, at least 5-10 times a year. Well, we have now gone camping all of one time and it was a success despite the immense weariness that we felt because of the lack of sleep.

We broke ourselves back into camping with a one night stay at a local park. We arrived around 4pm and the excitement started right out of the gate. I was struggling to put up our new 4 person tent, when I heard a scream that indicated a murder was imminent. I turned and Kaitlin was pointing at MJ’s head screaming. My body went into auto-reaction zone and I ran over to MJ at lightning speed to discover a huge bumblebee attached to his hair. I swung my arm as fast as possible and detached the bumblebee from MJ’s hair sending it thirty feet away.

Looking back it was amazing that I didn’t hit MJ with my arm, in fact, I don’t think MJ even knew what happened. The bumblebee did not die from the hit, but was without flight ability. It was a couple of feet from our tent milling around harmlessly. Momma bear, Kaitlin, was extremely bothered by the presence of the injured bumble bee and was continually checking on the bee, asking me to make it disappear. Eventually, the bumblebee turned over on its back and appeared to be dead. End of story? Not so fast. Kaitlin, thinking the bumblebee was dead, went over and flipped it over on its feet and the bumblebee instantly started to move and flutter its wings. Kaitlin, backed into a corner and fearing for her life, desperately grabbed a toy bucket and smothered the bee into the ground before it could ignite its weaponry.

DSCN1005 We did finally get the tent up and enjoyed some burritos for dinner. We were forced to eat in the back of the van to avoid the rainstorm that had moved over the campsite. It was a dry rain and passed over quickly enough for us to enjoy the outdoors before bedtime. We spent time at the playground, playing on a walking bridge and just generally walking around the campground. It was a great night and gave no indication of the trouble we were about to encounter.

We should of known that trouble was ahead when MJ woke up with a fever Saturday morning. The fever was about 101, and maybe we should of called off camping, but it was something that we had planned for a long time. In hindsight, MJ ended up having strep throat and developed scarlet fever later in the week…..Oopps! Despite that he did okay, considering, and slept off and on throughout the night. AJ on the other hand was amped up and sleep was hard to find. We tried to ignore him and prayed he would fall asleep, but his giggling soon turned into tears and a meltdown. So on one side we have a sick, uncomfortable kid falling in and out of sleep and on the other we have a tear-filled, kid in the middle of a melt-down……not good. This was pretty much the the rest of night as we nurtured our boys throughout the night. To make things worse, we also had to deal with uncomfortable sleeping pads. I think we ended up getting two hours of sleep, total.
I was actually happy to feel the sun on the tent. It meant we no longer had to try and sleep and could face the day…..all we needed was a little coffee. We heated up some water to make some hard earned instant coffee. We ate breakfast and packed up our camping gear to head out for a morning at the beach.
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