Week 34: What to do with $10

DSCN0913We decided to take our hike to new heights and head to Evergreen. We chose Elk Meadow Park as our destination and ended up on a little trail called Painters Pause. As a quick side – Kaitlin is about two months in her new job and is loving it. The people are all super friendly and the work culture is amazing. She still does not get enough time with the kids, but at least she is happier.

The trail is 2.5 mile loop with vast open views and lots of people. LOTS OF PEOPLE. There are runners, bikers, dog walkers and hikers all merging on the trail. That can be a little challenging with two little toddlers bumbling along the trail. AJ has learned to spot incoming people and bikes and is good about moving to the side. Almost too good, as he will spot a hiker .25 away and pull off to the side of the trail. “Good job AJ, but we can still hike for a little bit.” MJ on the other hand is pinball and is hardly aware of his next step let alone his surroundings, so we keep a close eye on him and slide him over or pick him up when needed.




A consistent strain we come across in parenting is our/my needs versus the kids needs. This plays out when we are out on a hike in a couple of different ways. We want to teach our kids to appreciate nature and have them experience their feet on the ground, but that means lots of detours into the grass or forest and a consistent stop and go pace. Not the end of the world, but there is something nice about going out for a hike and getting in a good groove. We have created a little compromise in that we have both kids start and end the hike on their feet. MJ’s foot time is pretty short at this point, and we usually end up putting him in a carrier fairly quickly. We try to keep AJ going as long as possible before carrier access. We get them out and on the hike, but we also get to enjoy our rhythm hiking when needed.

Trail Highlights:

  • We ran into a female runner that asked if we had found $10. She dropped it at some point during her run and she needed it to get into a festival. At that point we had not seen any money floating around, but about 30 minutes later we stumbled across the $10. We never found the runner again, but have put the $10 on our fridge to wait for the right reason to use it, donate it or share it with somebody.
  • The wind was blowing the perfect speed to cool us off in the hot sun. DSCN0936DSCN0940IMG_1081
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