Week 31: Urban Outing

This week was the first week where we technically did not get out on a “hike”. It was a tough weekend as I, Joe, was out of town on a mancation and Kaitlin was hosting some AmeriCorps friends from out of town. A manca…what? A mancation is something all dads and married men should incorporate into their lives. It is a weekend away from bedtimes, potty training and other parent duties to get together with the old crew. Don’t worry, it is always tame and I know I came back a little refreshed and ready to be better parent and husband. The mancation consisted of boating, fishing, yard games and some cards….and maybe some alcoholic beverages.

Kaitlin, AJ and MJ were hosting some friends we met through AmeriCorps. They are married and have an 18 month old boy. By all accounts it was a great weekend. The kids played well together and shared laughs and mini-adventures such as whiffle ball, frisbee and water fights in the backyard. Kaitlin was able to catch up with friends and share the joys and challenges of parenting, while also laughing about parenting bumbles and remembering some fun memories.

I was back in town on Sunday and we decided to go to Jazz in the Park at City Park in Denver. It has not fit the narrative of our previous adventures, but it definitely was time spent in nature and outside. We packed a picnic and brought along frisbees, soccer balls and many other outdoorsy toys. We ate some delicious bratwurst, watermelon and chips. The kids had fun scooting up and down the slide at the playground, while the parents had disjointed conversations as the kept one eye on their children. It was a good time had by all and hopefully more to come in the future.







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