Week 30: Beat the heat

Denver is so hot it often feels like standing next to an oven. We needed to find some reprieve and have pushed our hikes up higher into the mountains, so we headed out to Conifer, CO……two days in a row. One with just our little family and another with Grammy and Bumpa. Beating the heat is necessary because AJ and MJ just don’t enjoy walking around in the heat, I mean who does. This does mean longer drive times, which is challenging because we don’t want the kiddos to waste their naps in the car. There is nothing better than a long morning out hiking in nature followed by nap time and some piece and quiet.

IMG_0977Anyway, we hiked the Myers Ranch trail twice; once doing the Lodge Pole Loop and the other time hiking the Sunny Aspen Loop. It is a small hiking area with some nice shade and plenty of level ground to keep AJ going. A new revelation is that we are giving MJ a chance to hit the trail. We let him walk a little at the beginning and end of each hike. He loves it and so does AJ! MJ likes the challenge of navigating the trail, holding hands with his brother and being free of restraint. AJ likes having someone his size around to help investigate the finer points of the trail like rocks, bugs and plants. There will be a day, when we can no longer keep up with them, but that is far off….hopefully.



We also purchased a new carrier for Kaitlin to carry MJ. For a long time, she was using the “ergo” and MJ was tucked safely next to her chest. He is too big for that now and likes to see the trees and other people hiking. The new carrier fit well, but the weight of the carrier and MJ was hard on Kaitlin’s knee. In fact something tweaked or twisted in her knee on an awkward step as she was carrying MJ and we may have reevaluate how we use the carriers.

It was a great two days of hiking filled with laughs, conversation and nature. We will need to continue to find places higher up in elevation as the forecast says hot, hot, hot for the immediate future.

Trail Highlights:

  • AJ took a big spill on both days. The first one scuffed up his arm and the second one turned him into a dust pile.
  • We had a yummy breakfast at Aspen Perk Cafe in Conifer for Father’s Day with my parents.
  • On Saturday, we took to our local pool and enjoyed a well deserved soak.
  • MJ loves to say “No.”



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