Week 26: Hiknic

We are coming into the long days of summer, which includes heat, ticks and early hikes. This week we decided to head to Lyons, CO to meet my, Joe, parents for a hike and a lunch picnic. We got up early and set out to meet them by 9am. What used to be a simple grab our packs and lunch and be out the door in 5 minutes has turned into at least an hour of packing our bags, picking up after our kids and a mad dash to get out the door. It is part of life.

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The hike was in an open area with lots of rolling hills. We set out with MJ on my back and AJ leading the pack. It was a sunny day with lots of blooming grass and flowers. There was a sign forbidding us from continuing, and we were not sure what to do. We did some iphone research and found out that it was closed because of heavy rain. We made a call by looking at the clear sky and the dry trail that it was okay to continue. Later, we were confirmed that the trail was indeed open.


During the hike we spent lots of time looking at flowers, scouting for animals and enjoying the sunshine. During the hike, AJ would steam ahead as fast as he could go and then turn around and tell us to hurry up. Hiking with him is a little bit of a pandoras box. Some days he could go forever and other days we take 5 steps and he is saying “uppie”. Today was an energy day and he was easily motivated.We went about 1.5 miles before turning around and heading back to trailhead. All in all it was a great little hike and we enjoyed the conversation with my parents and the energy of the kids.


The picnic was wonderful. We had salami sandwiches, bananas, strawberries, coffee cake, cheese and crackers, carrots and hummus….basically anything that was leftover in the fridge. MJ is stuffing his face at all times now. I am amazed on how much food he can fit in his mouth. AJ is pickier and eats more like a bird. We delighted in the sunlight and enjoyed the conversation before heading home for naps.

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