Week 25: Three hikes, one week


Well, this was my last week of unemployment, so I went all out with three hikes in one week. Five years ago this amount of hiking was totally feasible, but two kids and a gazillion responsibilities later three hikes in a week is a dream.

The first hike was a solo trek (my first in eight  years!). I chose a familiar trail that was both challenging and beautiful. I’m a bit of a scaredy cat, so doing things alone is not really my thing. I was actually pretty shocked that I made it to the trailhead without talking myself out of it. As a somewhat fear driven person I often talk myself into checking the locks multiple times each night (even when I’m dead tired), and am super aware of my surrounding. This mentality can be exhausting, but the urge to push through my fears and hike alone was stronger then the fear – this time at least. And let me tell you – it was exhilarating. I went at my own pace, heard the sound of my breath, and managed to clear my mind. I am happy to report that I did not get stung by a bee, attacked by a mountain lion, chased by a bob cat or murdered by a deranged human (obviously). Phew.


The second hike of the week was to celebrate my husbands birthday. Last year I took him to a rock climbing gym where we relearned some basic technics. Unfortunately, we have mostly forgotten what we learned as we haven’t rock climbed since then; and not for lack of desire either. For this hike, I took Joe back to El Dorado Canyon which is a favorite of ours. We did 7 mile out and back hike, and enjoyed stunning views of the canyon and the mountains that surround it. It’s been about four years since we’ve hiked further then four miles, so this hike felt like freedom.






…And finally, we took my in-laws to a front range area trail. They spend half of the year in the mountains and are avid hikers. It’s always so much fun to take them on hikes in the foothills as they are newish trails to them. Plus the kids love hiking with their grandparents. It gives them a pep in their step and gives Joe and I a chance to take a break from convincing our kids to keep moving!

We had high hopes for our hike, but the weather had a different idea. It began to rain as we drove to the trailhead – a total bummer, but nothing worth turning around for. The fog was low (which reminded me of home), and the mist was constant. We arrived at the trailhead and decided to bundle up and see how far we could get.

About a quarter mile later we decided to take a loop back to the car. It was just too wet to continue! There is no shame in attempting something and deciding not to continue with it. The shame comes in not attempting something because you know you probably won’t finish. Because really, who cares?! Getting outside is fail proof. All you have to do attempt something, the outcome is meaningless. The action of prepping for your adventure (in this case a hike), and putting effort into getting outside is far more important than whether or not you went 1 miles or 17 miles. Now that the pressures off get out there!

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1 Response to Week 25: Three hikes, one week

  1. Amanda says:

    I love the point you ended on! It is all about the effort, not the result. Beautiful scenery you captured, thanks for sharing!


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