Week 24: Tales from the trails

IMG_0746Mt. Galbraith is one of the most popular trails along the Front Range. The popularity of this trail is one of the reasons we do our best to avoid it, but somehow the trail beckons us. Whenever we have visitors in town we take them to Mt. Galbraith. It is one of the best trails near town for multiple reasons including the fact that it offers city scape views along with views of the mountains. It’s an all inclusive trail where you feel both close to town and removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. Along with the views is the fact that this trail offers a robust terrain posing a challenge to people of all fitness levels. So there again, an all inclusive trail offering something for everybody.

The trail begins with a small bridge that hovers above a river, on this day it was gushing due to the melting snow. After the bridge, hikers are greeted with a moderate incline along the side of the mountain. I’m not sure how long the trail ascends, but it eventually hits a breaking point where it flattens out and you can continue east toward city views or west toward mountain views. We didn’t make it that far on this day, but in the past we’ve done the entire loop. On this day, we made about 3/4 of a mile up the trail before rain forced us to turn around.



Our little hikers did an excellent job. AJ walked most of the time, while MJ is enjoying ridding in a new carrier on Joe’s back. MJ seems to relish in the fact that he can see more from this vantage point. It keeps him awake and engaged. AJ loves the adventures that come with hiking. I mean what kid doesn’t thrive off of permission to play in the rain and run full speed through puddles! In addition to puddle jumping, AJ climbed a section of the trail that is rock and while he was tentative at times you could see the joy of this new experience, and conquering a challenge all over his face. It brought so much happiness to my heart as I witnessed him navigate the rocks with caution and confidence.

We were not alone on this hike as thick fog and mist accompanied us. Soon the mist turned into sprinkles which soon became a full on rain storm. Hikers (many with their dogs) began appearing out of no where as they made a run for it to the parking lot.  We also decided to head back. I had an extra carrier for MJ that I whipped out, while Joe loaded up AJ and off we went like goats down the hill.

It was with so much joy that we arrived to our car, turned on the heat and ate snacks on the way home. That’s the thing with our 52 Weeks of Nature challenge – you never know what experience awaits. You walk into the adventure without expectations and you return from the adventure with a new experience under your belt and more stories to tell.





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