Week 23: Winter returns

What crappy weather! This weekend, spring was overtaken by winter weather. While I welcome the occasional gray, gloomy, rainy day, I was not prepared to accept an entire weekend of it. I had an itch to get outside with my boys, and I had high hopes for a nice weekend of hiking. Expectations are funny that way – you may not realize you have any until something comes along to interfere with a plan. But don’t worry, we still got outside.


We opted for a local hike around Stanley Lake. With views of the Flat Irons and the Front Range, Stanley lake is an oasis for outdoor recreation. We arrived in the parking lot which is usually full to see just one other car – a kayaker was getting ready to enjoy the lake; and have it all to himself.  Joe and I put snowsuits on the boys, we put MJ in the carrier, and AJ decided to walk.

We set off for the tail and into a massive, and empty parking lot. There were puddles everywhere, and that kept AJ entertained. It was frigid out and wet; heavy snow fell continuously from the dark gray sky. Wet snow and rain are no fun! Actual snow is much easier to deal with, not to mention prettier to look at. I think we were so distracted by our freezing hands that we circled the parking lot as though it were the trail until we came to a map. The map helped us reorient ourselves to the trail.

By this time AJ was beginning to complain and ask for “uppie” to which I responded to by redirecting his attention to the amazing puddles that surrounded us. I didn’t realize that his snow boots were not rain proof. Oops! The poor guy had soaking wet feet and he was so cold. Joe and I made the obvious decision to cut the hike short and get AJ back to the car where we could get him a new pair of dry soaks. We didn’t have a pair of backup shoes so our hike was over and we covered no more then a half mile.

It was actually pretty exciting to get back to the car. Joe and I were intentional about remaining upbeat on the way back to the car so as not to sabotage the experience for our kids. When the car came into view we cheered, and AJ found the energy to leap out of my arms and run toward the car. I am sure our promise of muffins at the grocery store had something to do with it.

Once we got to the car we were so relieved to get warm. We turned up the swing music (which AJ just loves), and cruised to the grocery store. Rather then shop right away we sat at a table and ate muffins we had yet to pay for (which  made me squirm, but Joe had no qualms about it, so it was all good). We watched the snow gather on the ground. Having just been out in that weather I felt so grateful to watch the wet, heavy snow from the great big windows of our grocery store. Braving the elements really helps me appreciate the small comforts of shelter.





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