Week 20: The castle of dreams

Mount Falcon

Trail: Castle trail to Walker Ruins and then the Meadow tail

Distance: 2 miles round trip


Oh Mount Falcon, how I love you! Tucked away just off of I-70 and into Morrison, CO – Mount Falcon is a spectacular place for being outdoors. On one side of the park you have views of Denver and Red Rocks, and on the other you have views of the mountains. We’ve been to the east side of the park already, so today we went to the west end. This part of Mount Falcon is known for the Walk Castle Ruins.

Built in 1900’s, these ruins are what remain of John Walkers dream home which he built for his wife and kids. It was struck by lightening in 1918 and thus the ruins. Walker was a wealthy business man and had dreams of building a home for presidents near his castle. This makes me think that mountains, likes those found in CO,  inspire the mind to dream BIG which is exactly what Walker did throughout his life. We owe a lot to Walker for his efforts to preserve what is now Mount Falcon.

The most interesting part of the ruins are the number of fire places in the castle. They were massive and still standing. It’s easy to let your mind wonder to the 1900’s and to wonder what life was like back then…trailing off into dreamland.



What I like most about getting outdoors is that it makes me feel present. I feel like I can actually touch life. It’s as if I am living through my soul for a moment, and by that I mean I feel free of  worry and all things petty and negative. They completely fall off my radar and my mind is redeemed by nature to see myself and my life as they really are – happy, safe, blessed, full of love, gratitude and hope. I want my kids to experience how nature can restore you back to an authentic state. Nature and hiking specifically (for me), remind me how glorious life is and how lucky we are to be here. Together.


Getting the kids out of the house today was important for everyones sanity. On the trails, AJ can’t really get into trouble because there isn’t anything to break, tip over, or damage. My biggest worry for him is falling which he has done plenty of times. He gets so excited to be outside that he runs and runs, and sometimes that means he trips over a branch, stub or something else. The important lesson here is – when you fall get back up. I love how nature has so many life lessons to offer.




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