Week 12: Lost and Found

fowlerWe spent a good portion of last week’s adventure driving around in our car searching for the Fowler trail. I’m happy to let you know – we found the trail. This week we were determined to get to the trail and enjoy the beautiful weather we have been having in Colorado. This time getting to the trail was easy-peasy. Once we got into Eldorado Canyon, the road was a little tight, but most of the snow and ice had melted, so the driving
conditions weren’t that bad. We found a great parking spot near the trail head.

IMG_7158The stretch of the Fowler trail that we hiked was beautiful. We hiked trough the canyon with a pretty steep drop into a river; and across the way are huge slabs of rock littered with rock climbers. To add to the stimulating scenery, the wind was gusting around 20-30 mph and pushing us around on the trail.

Not having our yak tracks proved annoying, again. Fortunately, the snow was mostly melted, but there were definitely spots of ice and snow along the trail. I am not sure if it is old age or becoming a parent, but everything feels more risky. We started out with AJ walking on the trail. He was having fun smelling the pines and picking up anything that looked interesting. I wanted to give him the freedom to walk, but was also really nervous about the wind, ice and steep drop off. Caution won out and we threw him on my back after the first quarter mile. He still had a ball grabbing my ears and pointing to the climbers, rocks and branches. I was relieved to have him in a “safe” spot, but I was still very careful in my walking and imagined tumbling off the side at multiple sticky spots. The funny thing is, to actually fall off the trail I would probably have to intentionally jump off the side or be really reckless. Maybe it is the constant stream of tragic stories on the news or a society built on fear that causes these fearful thoughts.



Anyway, the hike was still very enjoyable and it felt great to be connected to nature. The wind, while a little intense, was fun. At one point we were walking through a real tight, smaller canyon and the wind was just howling; blowing puddles of water, kicking sand and dust up and literally moving us backwards. Another obstacle we came across was the need for a bathroom. The trail was literally 5 ft. wide and finding privacy from the busy trail was nearly impossible. We eventually found a big rock that created shelter from the trail. We waited for the traffic to die down and snuck off for a little relief. AJ waited on the trail and announced for anyone to hear that we were going the bathroom behind the rock. Lucky for us, nobody came by at that moment.

We ended the hike by treating ourselves to coffee and some lunch at a local coffee shop. It was a fun day and we got our outdoor fix to get us through the busy indoor world of the next week.




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