Week 11: Pushing the limits


Today’s hike was fantastic, to say the least. We didn’t hike the trail we intended to, but we got close enough. The original plan was to hike the Fowler trail in Eldorado Canyon. I spent some time reading about the trail online and was feeling very excited. The pictures I saw and everything I read about it made me feel like we were going to uncover one of the most beautiful places in Colorado. Indeed that is just what we did.

Getting to Eldorado Canyon requires driving on a treacherous stretch of road where the winds are strong and the road is icy. We saw some cars that had either been pushed or slid off the road. With all the snow we have had, we also had to be sure to be aware of ice spots. The howling wind caused near white outs on our drive as it lifted the snow from the ground and carried it through the air and across the road. Very scary!

On top of the crazy driving conditions, Siri also led us astray in her directions to a different Canyon. Google maps decided to take us to the inner canyon which requires off road driving. Our car isn’t designed to handle steep grades up and down unplowed terrain. Upon realizing that we were likely misguided to our destination, we turned around to head back to the main road and cell service.


Thank goodness for cell phones. We managed to get back on track and headed toward our destination; an hour or so later. Through all of this we remained determined to find and hike the Fowler trail. It’s easy to let a wrong turn derail your resolve to achieve a goal. In this case I was surprised to experience unrelenting willpower. As tired as I am these days I have grown used to having a goal, such as exercising after I put the kids down, and not achieving it. Not today. Today I was the old me…someone who was so committed to the task that I never doubted what I could achieve. I was also the new me because although we made it to the Fowler trail we had to turn around because we did not have the chains or 4-wheel drive necessary to get to the trail head, and I was able to adapt to the new plan. ๐Ÿ™‚

After speaking to a park representative we decided to turn around and hike the nearby Mesa trail. As we sat in the parking lot so that I could feed MJ we saw many hikers park, leave for the trail and return within minutes. I was growing nervous that we had a short hike in front of us. Not only was it windy, but we also misplaced or more likely accidentally gave away (to Goodwill) our Yak-Tracks, oops.



To avoid a fall, like last week, I was overcautious and wore snow shoes to start the hike. I soon realized the snowshoes were unnecessary and clumsy. The hike itself was spectacular. AJ smiled most of the time as he had free reign to stomp through mud, snow and slush. We set out to complete a loop, and we did it! MJ slept on me and Joe guided AJ along the Mesa trail. We had amazing views of Eldorado Canyon and the Flatirons, as well as views of both Boulder and Denver. I felt extremely happy to be on the hike. This was an experience that demonstrated how far determination and desire can get you. There were many times that we could have thrown in the towel, but not today. Today, we were determined to hike, and so we did! ๐Ÿ™‚





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1 Response to Week 11: Pushing the limits

  1. Amanda says:

    Sounds like it was worth it in the end! I will have to try that hike!


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