Week 5: Coastal Adventures

*Our pursuit of outdoor adventure has come easily to us, and we have gotten our family outside every weekend since we began this blog. Blogging, however, has proved to be a more difficult task. We hope to be caught up by this weeks end!*

I grew up in a small valley of coastal mountains and beaches. My childhood home backed into a state park; we could enter the park from the privacy of our backyard! With no neighbors behind us, we felt like we had ultimate privacy, and that our home was a tranquil, and safe place. There was something about having protected park land at our doorstep that was magical, freeing, and dare I say spiritual.2015-12-30_1451503993

Not only did we have access to the best hiking trails, we also had access to the expansive Pacific Ocean. While I was never a surfer, I loved beach hikes, and perching myself on a rock somewhere to ponder life. There was a time in my life when I thought I could not breath without the ocean. It’s funny to think that today I am landlocked by mountains to the west, and the plains to the east, but I am certainly not complaining!

As a mom, I experience my home town much differently than when I was a kid. No longer do I feel trapped by its natural borders of mountains to the east, and the ocean to the west. Instead I feel freed by such natural wonders; free to explore the abundance of outdoor activities that the area has to offer.


During our stay in the Bay Area, we hiked the winding, wet trails of San Pedro Valley Park. AJ was set free to investigate sticks, touch trees, and we even saw a deer dart cross our path,  all in the company of his  Grandma and Grandpa.


We also made the trek up to the North Bay to visit my twin sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. I recruited my sister to join Joe and I on our pursuit of outdoor adventure. We explored a popular hiking area with lake views, and a playground for the kids to run around at the end of the hike.

Time has passed since our family’s adventure to CA, and this post, so the details of the memories that I have from our trip have turned into generalized feelings. I do know that this trip made my families commitment to getting outside, and into nature every week much stronger. We are learning that as a collective unit we are strong, and our boys surprise us at every turn. Whether it’s AJ’s hiking abilities, or MJ’s desire to walk and feel the earth beneath his feet. Joe and I have seen, felt, and believe that our nature project is exactly what we needed as a couple and family, to deal with the demands of our life.

During our stay in CA, we experienced the outdoors with our extended family. Inviting them to join us on this journey was great, and inspiring! It’s hard to get outside with kids in tow, but the reward of fresh air is irreplaceable, and by getting outside I am constantly reminded how small we are compared to the universe, which puts all my fears and most of my worries (lol) into perspective.


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