Week 1: Words from nature

She called, and we came. This is how it all started…


My husband and I have long been outdoors people. Prior to having kids we hiked the Grand Canyon, biked across the country, summited fourteeners and many other lower peaks, camped, visited national parks, crossed paths with real live bears, and ran marathons, and half marathons. Our weeks were filled with outdoor fun, and we felt great.

Fast-forward two kids and we were in a rut. The weekend became a reprieve from a long work week of emotional daycare drop offs, and long to-do lists. All I wanted to do was nest with my kids. We still managed to get out and make important visits to the playground, library, and zoo, etc., but we missed the beating heart of Mother Nature, and we so wanted to introduce the outdoors to our kids. So, we took a hike. It was during this hike that we committed to getting outside, and into nature every weekend for the rest of our lives. Yes, the rest of our lives. We do live in a mecca for outdoor recreation, so we really have no excuse.

52 Weeks of Nature started as a campaign, but has quickly turned into a lifestyle – the very lifestyle that brought my husband and I together in the first place. I can’t tell you how much fun we are having planning our next outdoor adventure. Knowing that adventure awaits has given me a fresh perspective (one I desperately needed). When life gets tough during the week (i.e., wanting more time with my kids) I lean into the great anticipation of the adventure that awaits us all at the weeks end.


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