Week 2: Leaving the city behind

apexThis weekend we decided to find out what is in our backyard, and we found Apex.  AJ decided to ride on Joe’s back while I, of course, carried MJ in the Ergo. The weather was perfectly above the average for this time of year. The trail quickly took us away from suburbia, and into a canyon of snow steeped mountain sides. We walked through snow, slush, ice and mud. The initial rise in elevation left us speechless as we tried to catch our breath. Then came the second wind. 

With no noise from our children to complete with Joe and I were able to talk about how the outdoors seems to be a space where we both feel safe. When you walk into nature you leave behind the things that tear humanity apart – traffic, road rage, guns, violenceand the list goes on. Sure there are wild animals, and falling trees to fear, but the likelihood of getting attacked by a bear is far less then the likelihood of getting into a car accident. Conversation also seems to flow more fluidly outdoors. We covered everything from politics, to ideas about how we could simplify our life (i.e., reduce our commute times, lessen our carbon imprint, etc.), to fantasizing about life in a town like Banff – with it’s access to the outdoors, Kicking Horse Coffee, and the general sense of adventure that it promotes. 


Apex ii

As the sun disappeared behind the south mountains we took a switch back that lead us back down the trail and to our trusty blue van. We shared the trail with people and their dogs, trail runners, and mountain bikers. Every few encounters or so people commented about how great it was that we had our kids on the trail with us. It felt good to be recognized for our efforts! 


The hike down the mountain gave way to views of downtown which was both beautiful and a reminder that next weekend we are going to go deeper into the woods. We see enough of city life during the week!


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